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Custom Joggers

Custom Joggers

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HOW IT WORKS: You send us 2-4 t-shirts, we rework them into custom sweatpants! Please only include shirts with logos you want on the jogger, we will provide the other material!

HOW ITS MADE: Ensuring our garments are made in the most ethical, environmentally conscious environment is our top priority! Your garment is made locally in our facilities that carefully piece your joggers together, a combination of your articles of clothing and super comfortable sweatpants material. And yes, we have arranged for proper scrap recycling!

WHAT NEXT: After you order, we will send you an email with directions on where to ship your items. After we receive your package, we will take a few weeks to upcycle your items into your custom jogger...then ship back to you of course!

Upcycled Material

100% satisfaction guarantee

Flexible Sizing

Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

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  • Free Return Shipping

    We ship the finished product for free. Customers pay to ship their shirts to us.

  • An upcycled product

    We use your tshirts/sweatshirts to make this product, along with cozy sweatpants material that we will match to the colors of the shirts you send to us.